About Scrutinous

Scrutinous, LLC are software developers that build apps for mobile and desktop.  They can be emailed at: admin@scrutinous.net

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When looking for a name for this company we wanted something that suggested in-depth analysis.  The word ‘scrutinous’ fit that desire and the peculiar origins of the word further enticed us.  Scrutinous is the adjective form of scrutiny, meaning a careful examination or a thorough investigation.  ​Scrutiny comes from the Late Latin scrutari, which means “those who search through piles of rubbish in the hope of finding something” and the earlier Latin scrūta, meaning “broken things, rags, or rubbish.” In Roman times, the “scrutari” of cities and towns were those who laboriously searched for valuables amidst the waste and cast-offs of others. (From: Wikipedia)

​​Have fun using BracketMaster to sift through the scraps of basketball stats!