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    Update: Somehow the iOS update package got corrupted, and some of the code changes, including the new Monte Carlo Simulation, aren’t included.  The database was upgraded however, and includes data for games through February 27 despite what the About page indicates.  The projected bracket is also based on current data.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  We’ll get it fixed with next Monday’s release.  The Google Play and Amazon App Store releases were not effected by this problem.

    Bracket Master version is now available on all platforms. The update includes the usual refreshed team stats and projected bracket, along with a big new feature: Monte Carlo Simulation. Simulate a tournament championship up to 10,000 times and calculate each team’s odds of winning based on the simulation results. Refer to the help through the (?) in the page’s upper-right corner. Team travel distance is now a factor in the simulation engine and Scrutinous Odds calculation. Added display of game location to Team Bracket Page. Added travel distance to the Picks Team Comparison Page. Known issue: Picks saved from previous versions are not able to display travel distance. Tweaked drawing of bracket to improve its appearance on various device types.

    Bracket Master became available on the Amazon AppStore on February 16. Tap the store badge on the footer of this page to navigate directly to the app.

    Bracket Master will be updated the next five Sundays in a row with the latest statistics, tournament projections and results.

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