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Future Development

Your continued support of BracketMaster will encourage us toward making it even better.  Below are some of the ideas we have for future enhancements.

  • Analysis of winning percentage based on the teams’ distance traveled.
  • Additional team ratings and statistics.
  • Separate the Conference Teams Page into sections for current and past members.
  • Present a search function to view a list of games that meet certain criteria.  For example, all games between #8 and #9 seeds, games between Big Ten and ACC teams, etc.
  • Furnish a dark themed interface and allow users to select their preferred theme.
  • Provide a font size adjustment setting.
  • Offer a paid ad-free version.
  • Support other languages (with assistance from the community).

We’d love to hear your thoughts as well — the best way for you to provide this feedback is on our Request a Feature community forum.  Thank you!